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8 Tips for Your Lodge Championship Series Trip

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If you’re coming to Round Rock in May for the $5 Million Lodge Championship Series (LCS), you’re gonna want to read on.


The following 8 tips will save you time and help you have the most comfortable, enjoyable trip possible.

1. Avoid waiting by registering (as a member and for tournaments) ahead of time

The Lodge is a members-only social club, so you’ll need to sign up for a membership on-site before being able to play any cash games or tournaments. Coming by the day before a tournament you plan to play (especially during slower times of day) to become a member is probably a wise move.


Registration for LCS tournaments opens two weeks prior to the series, so you can also come buy-in to tournaments ahead of time.


You could show up right before a tournament begins and sign up then, but you may be met with a couple of lines — one to become a member and one to register for the tournament. Do yourself a favor and register ahead of time instead.

2. Stay in Round Rock (not Austin) if you want to spend less time in the car

Austin is great, but it will take you between 15 and 30 minutes to get to The Lodge if you decide to stay in the city.


If you want to reduce your time on the road, stay in Round Rock so you’re just a few minutes away from The Lodge.


See special hotel deals near The Lodge here.


The Lodge doesn’t serve alcohol, but you can bring your own. If you think you’ll want a drink or two while playing, stop at a store on the way over.


(Note: The Lodge does offer unlimited free soft drinks.)

4. Bring a hoodie/jacket (we keep the room cold)

A lot of poker rooms keep it quite cold inside and The Lodge is no exception.


Be prepared and bring a hoodie or jacket to make sure you aren’t uncomfortable. Even if you forget, though, you can always buy a Lodge-branded hoodie from the front desk.

5. If you’re already a Lodge member, go straight to the cage to register for a tournament

When you play cash games at The Lodge, you have to check in at the front desk before sitting down.


If you’re playing an LCS tournament, however, you don’t need to check in. Go straight to the cage with your buy-in in hand.

6. Have your membership number ready to go when registering for a tournament

Your membership number can be found on your Lodge member card. Have that ready when you’re about to register to make the process as quick and smooth as possible.

7. Table numbers hang above the tables

Do you know that annoying feeling of looking for your table number in a crowded poker room?


That isn’t such a problem at The Lodge because the table numbers — hanging high above the tables — are impossible to miss.

8. Check PokerNews for tournament updates

The Lodge will be working with during the LCS to provide live reporting from all major events. Follow along at

See You in May for the LCS!

Check out the schedule here.

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