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Who Won At The Lodge from Dec. 5-18?


The Lodge Holiday Classic takes over the floor at Texas’ best card club from December 8-18, with the special tournament series guaranteeing more than $650,000 in prize money.


The Lodge will present an abbreviated schedule of it’s normal weekly tournaments over the course of the Holiday Classic, before the action returns to business as usual on Dec. 19.


Here’s a look at some of the big winners from the Lodge’s regularly-running weekly events from December 5-18.

Tuesday $15K Guaranteed Freeroll (Dec. 6)

The Tuesday $15K Guaranteed Freeroll ended up as the biggest prize pool tournament of the week on the Lodge’s regular tournament schedule.


A total of 148 players came out for the event, with the final prize money reaching $21,060.The final six players agreed to an ICM chop.


That list of winners included Mahesh Rathi (1st – $3,552), Cole Maxwell ($3,012), Jonathan Dull (3rd – $2,890), Sergey Dadonkin (4th – $2,828), Taegyun Yoon (5th – $2,483) and Andrew Timm (6th – $2,330).

Tuesday $15K Guaranteed Freeroll (Dec. 6)

Monday $2K Guaranteed Bounty (Dec. 5)

Monday’s $2K Guaranteed Bounty paid six places, with the last three players standing agreeing to an ICM deal.


That trio of champions included Kamran Dargahi (1st – $655), Gabriel Ramirez (2nd – $578) and Sherri Frost (3rd – $420).

Monday $2K Guaranteed Bounty (Dec. 5)

Monday $3.5K Guaranteed Big-O (Dec. 5)

The Monday Big-O always draws big turnouts, and the Dec. 5 version was no exception. A field of 107 players created a prize pool of $7,906, more than double the guarantee.


The tournament ended in a heads-up even chop, as Andrew Robinson and David Solomon agreed to take home $1,921 each.


Other top finishers included Bradley Gordon (3rd – $1,036), Anthony Owens (4th – $751) and Terry Morris (5th – $553).

Monday $3.5K Guaranteed Big-O (Dec. 5)

Wednesday $4K Guaranteed PLO Freeroll (Dec. 7)

The “Largest Omaha Freeroll In Central Texas” runs every Wednesday night at the Lodge, with $4,000 in guaranteed prize money.


The Dec. 7 edition of the tournament drew 52 players, with a prize pool of $6,100. The tournament ended in a seven-way ICM deal.


The big winners included Mahesh Rathi (1st – $1,278), Robert Rough (2nd – $1,048), Tung Tran (3rd – $904), and Andrew Timm (4th – $809).


Other top finishers included Kenneth Flippin (5th – $798), Samuel Creasy (6th – $733) and Terry Morris (7th – $530).

Wednesday $4K Guaranteed PLO Freeroll (Dec. 7)


Monday $3.5K Guaranteed Big-O (Dec. 12)

Gerard Coyle took down the Dec. 12 Big-O event, taking the lion’s share of the prize money in a six-way ICM deal.

Coyle (1st – $1,405), Jimmy Ho (2nd – $1,275), Les Urbanovsky (3rd – $1,078), Khaled Haggag (4th – $810), Terry Morris (5th – $592) and Andre Robinson (6th – $576) finished among the top six.

The final prize pool nearly doubled the guarantee, finishing at $6,860.

Tuesday $15K Guaranteed Freeroll (Dec. 13)

The Dec. 13 edition of the Tuesday $15K freeroll saw 132 entries create a prize pool of $20,480.

The tournament ended in a five-way ICM chop with winners including MC Tyer (1st – $3,385), Shadi Farraj (2nd – $3,258), Courtney Triggs (3rd – $3,000), Audie Cooper (4th – $3,000), and Tung Tran (5th – $3,000).

Farraj took center stage in the winner’s photo below.

Thursday $1K Guaranteed The Over Stack (Dec. 15)

Steve Hwang took down the Thursday Over Stack on Dec. 15, taking home $872 in the process.

Other top finishers included James Miller (2nd – $501), Rita Snyder (3rd – $297) and Roc Roquemore (4th – $186).

Thursday $7.5K Guaranteed Dirty Thirty Freeroll (Dec. 15)

The Dec. 15 “Dirty Thirty” saw 74 players register, creating a prize pool of $9,090.

The tournament ended in a eight-way ICM deal. The champions list included Marcus Bailey (1st – $1,368), Se Pak (2nd – $1,359), Lance Cummings (3rd – $1,352) and Daniel Marin (4th – $1,319).




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