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“Yoochan” is a San Antonio Texas native and poker player who is known for his consistent and rational play at the tables. He regularly competes for tens of thousands of dollars in the biggest live cash games in Texas! He’s a very witty and fun personality, and his humor and easy going nature make him a very fun and competitive player at the tables.

Q&A with Yoochan

What was the first car you ever had?

“A Genesis Coupe.”


What is the largest pot that you’ve ever won?

“I don’t know, probably around $80k or $90k.”


What are your top three poker rooms that you’ve played at?

“The Lodge, Rounders, and Texas Cardhouse!”


What do you think your biggest strength is as a poker player?

“Not tilting as much, and playing the same throughout the session.”


Besides poker, what else do you enjoy doing for fun?

“If I wasn’t playing poker I’d be swimming! I’m a ex-Olympic swimmer. Just kidding, that was a joke..”


When did you realize that poker was something you really wanted to do?

“I knew poker could be a career for me once I started playing $1/$2/$5 cash games. It kind of took off from there, and just worked out.”


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