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Who Won At The Lodge from Nov. 21-27?


The end of November brought the huge Black Friday $100,000 Guaranteed event to the Lodge, and the turnout for the Thanksgiving weekend event didn’t disappoint.


The actual prize pool went over $250K, with tournament champion Robert Galina earning a $35,500 payday.


Galina wasn’t the only big winner from the week of Nov. 21-27 at the Lodge:

Black Friday $100,000 Guaranteed (Nov. 25-27)

The Lodge celebrated Thanksgiving weekend with one of the biggest tournaments in Texas. The $100K Guaranteed that was advertised for the Nov. Black Friday event didn’t come close to the actual prize money awarded in the event.


Thanks to massive turnout, the actual prize pool reached $269,900. Robert Galina came away with the win, taking home the championship trophy and $35,500 per the terms of a three-way deal at the final table.


Galina, Sandeep Vasudevan (2nd – $33,215) and Roger Franco (3rd – $32,000) agreed to a three-way deal at the final table, with each taking home a guaranteed $30K payday.


That trio then played for the final $10,715 in the prize pool and the championship. Galina finished out the tournament with the win.


Other five-figure winners included Scott Haire (4th – $16,491), and Eric Brown (5th – $12,415).

Black Friday $100,000 Guaranteed (Nov. 25-27)

Tuesday $15K Guaranteed Freeroll (Nov. 22)

Always one of the biggest tournaments on the Lodge’s weekly schedule, the Tuesday $15K Freeroll nearly doubled the guarantee this week.


A total of 181 players pushed the final prize money to $28,860. The final eight players agreed to an ICM deal.


That list of winners included Alberto Loya (1st – $3,805), Michael Bowerstock (2nd – $3,361), Stephen Dees (3rd – $3,239) and Raghavendra Reddigari (4th – $2,955).


Rounding out the top eight were Ted Gomez (5th – $2,837), Anthony Owens (6th – $2,495), Bradford Gibson (7th – $2,244) and Eugenio Garza (8th – $1,741).

Tuesday $15K Guaranteed Freeroll (Nov. 22)

Sunday $15K Guaranteed Deep Stack Freezeout (Nov. 27)

The Sunday $15K Freezeout saw the final five players agree to an ICM deal.


That list of winners included Bruce Gilpatrick (1st – $3,772), Evangeline Seet (2nd – $3,374), Lance Kittrell (3rd – $3,216), Stephen Dees (4th – $2,307) and Daniel Feldman (5th – $2,307).

Sunday $15K Guaranteed Deep Stack Freezeout (Nov. 27)

Monday $2K Guaranteed Bounty (Nov. 21)

Monday’s $2,000 guaranteed bounty event ended in a three-way ICM chop.


The trio of winners included Benjamin Freiger (1st – $785), Rahuk Ramachandran (2nd – $730) and Kiran Desai (3rd – $729).

Monday $2K Guaranteed Bounty (Nov. 21)

Monday $3.5K Guaranteed Big-O (Nov. 21)

The $3.5K Guaranteed Big-O event is a Monday tradition at the Lodge, and never fails to go well over the guarantee.


The Nov. 21 edition of the tournament drew 81 players, with the prize money reaching $6,298. The final three players agreed to an ICM chop to finish the event.


The winner’s circle included Anthony Owens (1st – $1,649), Daniel Marin (2nd – $1,308), and Braxton Bytheway (3rd – $1,076).

Monday $3.5K Guaranteed Big-O (Nov. 21)

Wednesday $1K Guaranteed Freezeout (Nov. 23)

The Wednesday $1K Freezeout drew 46 players, with the prize pool reaching $2,668.


The tournament ended in a three-way ICM chop. That list of winners included Anton Tratar (1st – $873), Jason Aguilar (2nd – $755) and Zakariah Kemp (3rd – $526).

Wednesday $1K Guaranteed Freezeout (Nov. 16)

Wednesday $4K Guaranteed PLO Freeroll (Nov. 23)

Wednesday’s weekly Pot-Limit Omaha Freeroll saw the prize pool reach $8,120, more than double the guarantee.


The event ended with a six-way ICM deal. Topping the list of winners were Joshua Harris (1st – $1,788), Kenneth Flippin (2nd – $1,500), Marc Muntingh (3rd – $1,254) and David Salas (4th – $1,242).


Rounding out the top six were Andrew Robinson (5th – $1,063), Tony Laughlin (6th – $973).

Wednesday $4K Guaranteed PLO Freeroll (Nov. 16)

Sunday $1K Guaranteed Freezeout (Nov. 27)

Sunday’s $1K Guaranteed Freezeout drew 24 players for an $1,824 prize pool.


Bianca Adams took down the tournament for an $862 payday. David Adams finished runner-up for $517.

Sunday $1K Guaranteed Freezeout (Nov. 27)

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