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Who Won At The Lodge from March 18-24?


The $500K Guaranteed Mini Monster took center stage on the Lodge tournament floor for most of the week of March 18-24.

The normal tournament schedule was a bit abbreviated this week, but we still saw some big winner come away from the best card club in Texas.

Look for a full recap of the Mini Monster in next week’s tournament recap. Here’s a look at some of the other events that played out at the Lodge this week:

Monday $2K Guaranteed Bounty (March 18)

The Monday Bounty event drew 37 players, and ended with a four-way even chop.

The top four included James Maas, Joe Williams, Ted Gomez, and Robert Landers. All four of those players took home $447.

Monday $2K Guaranteed Bounty (March 18)

Monday $3.5K Guaranteed Big-O (March 18)

The Monday Big-O saw 75 players compete, and the tournament ended with a heads-up ICM deal.

A, Baumeister (1st – $1,721) and Douglas Borgman (2nd – $1,420) took the top two spots on the payout ladder.

Monday $2K Guaranteed Bounty (March 18)

Wednesday $5K Guaranteed PLO Texas Freeroll (March 20)

The Wednesday Texas PLO Freeroll played to a heads-up chop.

Adam Garcia and Luke Landers each took home $1,858 per the terms of the deal as the co-winners of the tournament.

Rounding out the top four were Louis Luciano (3rd – $930) and Elizabeth Molina (4th – $643).

Monday $2K Guaranteed Bounty (March 18)

Thursday $1K Guaranteed NLH (March 21)

The Thursday $1K Guaranteed NLH played to a three-way ICM chop.

The top three included Joshua Smith (1st – $1,030), Robert Flowers (2nd – $919), and Brandon Hulsey (3rd – $697). 

Monday $2K Guaranteed Bounty (March 18)

Thursday $7.5K Guaranteed “The Dirty Thirty Freeroll” (March 21)

The Thursday Dirty Thirty Texas Freeroll played to a four-way ICM chop.

Kathleen Sassi (1st – $2,422), Clyde Johnson (2nd – $1,529), Jesse Scanlan (3rd – $1,477) and Cameron Daniel (4th – $1,150) took the top four spots.

Thursday $7.5K Guaranteed “The Dirty Thirty Freeroll” (March 21)

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