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Who Won At The Lodge from June 26-July 2?


The beginning of summer brought the special Summer $100K Guaranteed to the tournament schedule at the Lodge.

The event didn’t disappoint, as more than 800 runners registered and the prize pool reached over $200K.

The top two finishers each tool home more than $36K, which headlined another week of action at the Lodge:

The Summer $100k Guaranteed (July 1-2)

The special Summer $100K saw the prize pool go more than double the guarantee. A total of 870 entries came out, with the final prize pool hitting $204,490.

Robert French and Bryson Byrd agreed to a heads-up chop to end the tournament. Each of those players took home $36,576, with French going on to win the tournament trophy by winning a heads-up flip for the title.

Other top finishers included Timothy Myers (3rd – $19,870), James Galloway (4th – $14,519) and Jack Hardman (5th – $10,570).

The Summer $100k Guaranteed (July 1-2)

Thursday $7.5K Guaranteed “The Dirty Thirty Freeroll” (June 29)

The weekly “Dirty Thirty Freeroll” brought one of the biggest prize pools of the week to the Lodge, as per usual.

A total of 102 entries came out for the tournament, with total prize money reaching $11,040.

The event ended in a three-way ICM deal, and the winner’s list included Kamran Dargahi (1st – $2,388), Joseph Taijeron (2nd – $2,208) and Lisa Graviel (3rd – $2,125).

Thursday $7.5K Guaranteed “The Dirty Thirty Freeroll” (June 29)

Monday $2K Guaranteed Bounty (June 26)

The Monday $2K Guaranteed Bounty drew 32 runners, with the final two agreeing to an ICM deal.

Chester Williams (1st – $556) and Paul Hernandez (2nd – $413) took the top two spots.

Thursday $7.5K Guaranteed “The Dirty Thirty Freeroll” (June 29)

Wednesday $5K Guaranteed PLO Freeroll (June 28)

The Wednesday PLO Freeroll guaranteed $5,000 in prize money, but the actual prize pool reached $8,080. The final sox players agreed to an ICM deal.

The top finishers included Phillip Lindsey (1st – $1,957), Daniel Marin (2nd – $1,375), and Michael St. Peter (3rd – $1,179).

Rounding out the top six were Gopal Pathak (4th – $1,175), Jacoby Johnson (5th – $1,059) and Andrew Robinson (6th – $914).

Wednesday $5K Guaranteed PLO Freeroll (June 28)

Thursday $1K Guaranteed NLH (June 29)

Thursday’s $1K Guaranteed No-Limit Hold’em event finished with an even heads-up chop.

Chester Williams and Paul Petticrew each took home $537 per the terms of the deal.

Thursday $1K Guaranteed NLH (June 29)

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