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Who Won At The Lodge from June 12-18?


The latest week of tournament action at the Lodge saw the return of the special “Art of Poker” event. Tournament winner Michael Rudolph went home with more than $17K, making him the Lodge’s biggest tournament winner of the week.

Plenty of other big winners came away with big paydays from the week of June 12-18 as well:

$40K Guaranteed“The Art of Poker” (June 17)

The latest edition of the Art of Poker event guaranteed $40,000 in prize money, and the top two finishers each went home with five-figure paydays.

Michael Rudolph topped the field for the outright win, earring $17,717 for the victory.

Other top finishers included Mitchell Wasek (2nd – $11,350), Dwayne Carreon (3rd – $7,969), Phillip Lee (4th – $5,836) and Nicholas Chung (5th – $4,387).

$40K Guaranteed“The Art of Poker” (June 17)

Sunday $15K Single Re-Entry Deep Stack (June 18)

Sunday’s weekly $15K Single Re-Entry finished with an ICM deal between the final two players.

Jake Lin (1st – $4,758) and Kevin Burgess (2nd – $4,077) finished as the top two. Other top finishers included Bryson Byrd (3rd – $2,354), Philip Collins (4th – $1,723) and Huy Vu (5th – $1,262).

Sunday $15K Single Re-Entry Deep Stack (June 18)

Monday $2K Guaranteed Bounty (June 12)

The Monday $2K Guaranteed Bounty ended in a five-way ICM deal.

The top finishers included Matthew Rabb (1st – $670), Derrick Diaz (2nd – $519) and Edwin Jammer (3rd – $319).

Monday $2K Guaranteed Bounty (June 12)

Tuesday $1K Guaranteed NLH (June 13)

Tuesday’s $1K Guaranteed NLH event drew 56 players and ended with an outright winner.

Michael Lehner topped the field, taking home $1,181 for the outright win. Kyle Thompson finished runner-up for $730.Thursday $1K Guaranteed NLH (June 15)

The Thursday $1,000 Guaranteed No-Limit Hold’em event paid four spots, with the final two players agreeing to an ICM chop.

Gerald Kubicki (1st – $572) and William Rinehart (2nd – $532) took the top two money spots.

Thursday $1K Guaranteed NLH (June 15)

Thursday $7.5K Guaranteed “The Dirty Thirty Freeroll” (June 15)

The Thursday Dirty Thirty always ends up as one of the biggest tournaments on the Lodge’s weekly schedule, and the June 15 edition was no exception. 

Kamran Dargahi took down the win, scoring a $3,243 payday. Other top finishers included James Fox (2nd – $2,656) and Aaron Gardner (3rd – $2,541).

The Dirty Thirty drew 111 players, with a $13,680 prize pool.

Thursday $7.5K Guaranteed “The Dirty Thirty Freeroll” (June 15)

Friday $4K Guaranteed Freezeout (June 16)

The Friday Freezeout drew 106 entries, and finished with a five-way ICM deal.

The big winners included William Cox (1st – $2,012), Bob Carl (2nd – $1,631), Roy Zingelmann (3rd – $1,607), Steven Ward (4th – $1,488), and David Lindsay (5th – $1,055).

Friday $4K Guaranteed Freezeout (June 16)

Saturday $4K Guaranteed Bounty (June 17)

Saturday’s $4K Guaranteed Bounty drew 75 players, with the final three agreeing to an ICM deal.

Ryan Huling (1st – $2,323), Christos Tsiavos (2nd – $1,218) and Vimal Rajput (3rd – $1,218) took the top three spots.

Saturday $4K Guaranteed Bounty (June 17)Sunday Big Bet Bounty NLH/PLO (June 11)

Alex Damico took down the Sunday Big Bet Bounty, cashing for $1,399 in the win.

Other top finishers included Glenn Cunniff (2nd – $822) and Elizabeth Molina (3rd – $510).

Sunday Big Bet Bounty NLH/PLO (June 11)

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