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Who Won At The Lodge from August 14-20?


The latest week of poker events at the Lodge saw the biggest tournament in the club’s history play out at the best poker room in Texas.

The $400 buy-in Mega Monster turned out as the biggest poker tournament in the history of the state of Texas. The top two finishers in the event took home quarter-million-dollar paydays, as the prize pool shattered all expectations and ended up just under $2 million.

Here’s a look at the week that was from August 14-20:

$1 Million Guaranteed Mega Monster (August 3-14)

The most ambitious tournament in the history of the Lodge Card Club featured a 24 starting flights, a $400 buy-in, and a $1 million guarantee.

A total of 5,750 entries pushed the prize pool to nearly double the guarantee, at $1,943,500. The final two players agreed to a heads-up deal that sent each home with right around $250K

The top five included Mauro Avila (1st – $250,927), George Karvouis (2nd – $245,585), Joshua Nuncio (3rd – $134,321), Joseph Roh (4th – $88,713) and Daniel Davila (5th – $69,444).

Other top finishers included Nghia Nguyen (6th – $54,134), Terry Morales (7th – $42,293), Christian Ramirez (8th – $33,834) and Gawain Visagie (9th – $26,221).

$40K Guaranteed“The Art of Poker” (August 19)

The monthly Art of Poker event returned to the Lodge on August 19, with a massive turnout as per usual.

James Lukens (1st – $13,658) and Ruth Hall (2nd – $12,658) agreed to a heads-up chop, then played for the last $1,000 in the prize pool and the tournament trophy.

Other top finishers included M. Santoria (3rd – $7,134), Robert Murphy (4th – $5,195) and Thien Nguyen (5th – $3,810).

$40K Guaranteed “The Art of Poker” (August 19)

Sunday $15K Single Re-Entry Deep Stack (August 20)

Sunday’s $15K Guaranteed Re-Entry event finished with an ICM deal among the final five players.

The top five included Daryl Chapman (1st – $3,408), Bala Talasila (2nd – $3,334), Nick Sheldon (3rd – $3,217), Joshua Bozarth (4th – $2,932) and Vicente Anchonodo (5th – $2,725).

The tournament drew 96 players for a $19,968 prize pool.

Sunday $15K Single Re-Entry Deep Stack (August 20)

Tuesday $15K Guaranteed Freeroll (August 15)

The Tuesday $15,000 Guaranteed Texas Freeroll drew 168 players, with the final two agreeing to a heads-up ICM deal.

Dennis Brand (1st – $6,000) and Kenneth Glaser (2nd – $4,563) went home with the two largest payouts. 

Other top finishers included Ted Gomez (3rd – $2,714), Jason Haggard (4th – $1,923) and Cameron Mixson (5th – $1,357).

Sunday $15K Single Re-Entry Deep Stack (August 20)

Monday $2K Guaranteed Bounty (August 14)

The Monday Bounty paid eight players, with the final three agreeing to an ICM deal.

That trio of players included David Dalke (1st – $874), Layton Pacheco (2nd – $616), and Rita Snyder (3rd – $524).

Monday $2K Guaranteed Bounty (August 14)

Monday $3.5K Guaranteed Big-O (August 14)

The Monday Big-O drew 62 runners, with the prize pool finishing at $4,696.

The tournament ended with a four-way ICM deal, which included Cameron Daniel (1st – $1,128), Bradley Gordon (2nd – $1,035), Daniel Marin (3rd – $902) and Mikaela Berman (4th – $581). 

Monday $3.5K Guaranteed Big-O (August 14)

Wednesday $5K Guaranteed PLO Freeroll (August 16)

Wednesday’s weekly PLO Texas Freeroll saw 67 players compete for a $7,500 prize pool.

The final five agreed to an ICM deal. That list included Nicj Sheldon (1st – $1,718), Matthew Garvey (2nd – $1,631), Daniel Marin (3rd – $1,065), Amanda Alvarez (4th – $1,028) and Kenneth Flippin (5th – $856).

Wednesday $5K Guaranteed PLO Freeroll (August 16)

Wednesday $1K Guaranteed Freezeout (August 16)

The Wednesday NLH Freezeout drew 37 players, and the final four agreed to an ICM chop.

That quartet of winners included Michael James (1st – $805), Steven Ward (2nd – $462), Riley Drew (3rd – $432) and Jo Macaluso (4th – $367).

Wednesday $1K Guaranteed Freezeout (August 16)

Thursday $1K Guaranteed NLH (August 17)

Daniel Pineada took down the outright win in the Thursday NLH, earning $968 for the first-place finish.

Other top finishers included Roger Pettit (2nd – $570) and Roger Slough (3rd – $353).

Thursday $1K Guaranteed NLH (August 17)

Friday $4K Guaranteed Freezeout (August 18)

The Friday $4,000 Guaranteed Freezeout drew 118 players, and finished in a five-way ICM deal.

The top five included Brian McConnell (1st – $2,409), Cuong Luu (2nd – $2,028), Jason Emmons (3rd – $1,534), Sherri Frost (4th – $1,438) and Sam Haddad (5th – $1,265).

Friday $4K Guaranteed Freezeout (August 18)

Sunday Big Bet Bounty NLH/PLO (August 20)

The mixed NLH/PLO Bounty event drew 47 players, and ended in a three-way ICM deal.

The top three included Ryan Reyes and Andrew Timm, who split the top two money spots for $1,000 each. Alan Tran finished third for $606.

Sunday Big Bet Bounty NLH/PLO (August 20)

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