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What is the Stand Up Game in Poker?


Some of the most fun poker games at the Lodge are the ones where every player is standing up. You might look over at the feature table and wonder why a guy like Brad Owen, Andrew Neeme, or Doug Polk isn’t sitting down, while some other competitors at the table are seated.


If you see an entire table of players standing up around the table, you’re probably witnessing a Lodge tradition in full effect. This tradition, known as The Stand Up Game, can break out at any time.


Let’s take a look at the rules of the Stand Up Game:


Stand Up Game Rules

Every player at the table stands up – Much like the name implies, the Stand Up Game requires all players to stand up. The poker game then plays out under the normal rules of the table, whether the game is No-Limit Hold’em or PLO.


You have to stand until you win a hand – Tight players beware – the Stand Up Game doesn’t favor nitty play. Once you’re standing, you can only sit back down when you win a hand. 


The last player standing pays the price – Before the Stand Up Game begins, the players at the table agree to an amount that the last player standing will pay to all other players at the end of the game. The unlucky player that end up as the last one standing must pay this toll to all other competitors, and at that point the game resumes as normal.

Example Hand From The Lodge

You can check out an edition of the Stand Up Game that took place at the Lodge featured table earlier this year. Brad Owen is among the players that participate in this $5/$10/$20 cash game.


Click here to skip to the beginning of the Stand Up Game (clip begins at 2:45:33).


This chapter of the Stand Up Game goes on for nearly a half-hour, and Lodge stream regular Poker Traveler ends up as the last player standing. Before the Stand Up round started, all participants at the table agreed on $50 as the price that the loser of the Stand Up game would pay their fellow competitors.


Per the terms of that agreement, Poker Traveler pays $50 to every other player at the table. The game then resumes as normal.

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