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Who Won At The Lodge from September 19-25?


The Fall Mayhem Series came to an end on Sept. 19, but the tournament action at the Lodge keeps rolling. 


The week of Sept. 19-25 saw the poker club return to its regular schedule of weekly events. Guarantees were smashed in the two biggest tournaments on the schedule, namely the Tuesday $15K Freeroll and Sunday $15K Freezout.


Here’s a look at the winners from another big week of tournaments at the Lodge:

Tuesday $15K Guaranteed Freeroll (Sept. 20)

Jose Alicea topped the field in Tuesday’s $15K Guaranteed Freeroll, taking home a winner’s prize of $6,861.


Other top-three finishers included Mic Bowersock (2nd – $5,899) and Majid Vadiei (3rd – $3,278).


The Tuesday Freeroll drew 175 entries, with the prize pool going well past the guarantee. The tournament awarded $27,520 in total prize money.Tuesday $15K Guaranteed Freeroll (Sept. 20)

Sunday $15K Guaranteed Freezeout (Sept. 25)

The Sunday Night Freezeout $15K Guaranteed event ended in a three-way ICM chop theme continued in. That trio of players included Se Pak (1st – $4,900), Reda Maher (2nd – $4,400) and Estevan Trevino (3rd – $3,488)


The event drew 102 total entries, and the final prize pool went past the guarantee, ending up at $21,216.


Pak came away with the official win, while Maher and Trevino shared the stage in the winner’s photo below:

Sunday $15K Guaranteed Freezeout (Sept. 25)

Tuesday $1K Guaranteed Over Stack (Sept. 20)

The Tuesday edition of The Over Stack tournament ended in a five-player ICM chop.


Those five names included Kamran Dargahi (1st – $779), Richard Walker (2nd – $692), Freddy Murphy (3rd – $579), Richard Eberhart (4th – $454), and Richard Case (5th – $404).

Monday $3,500 Guaranteed Big-O (Sept. 19)

Wednesday $1K Guaranteed Freezeout (Sept. 21)

Wednesday’s weekly $1K Freezeout event ended with the six players that ended up in the money agreeing to an even chop of the $2,030 prize pool.


That list of champions included Howard Hammerbeck, Zachary Davila, David Roberts, Charles Wood, Rodney Sherrill, and Michael Lehner.


The freezeout tournament more than doubled the guarantee, with 35 entries creating the $2,030 in prize money awarded.

Wednesday $1K Guaranteed Freezeout (Sept. 21)

Wednesday $4K Guaranteed PLO Freeroll (Sept. 21)

The “Largest Omaha Freeroll in Central Texas” drew 57 entries, nearly doubling the guarantee with a $7,820 prize pool.


The final three players standing agreed to an ICM chop. That trio of names included Tony Kayser (1st – $2,377), Robert Johns (2nd – $1,709), and Daniel Marin (3rd – $1,546).

Wednesday $4K Guaranteed PLO Freeroll (Sept. 21)

Friday $2K Guaranteed Freezeout (Sept. 23)

The first of two Friday Freezeouts that played out on Sept. 23 ended up with 32 entries, going over the guarantee with $2,432 in prize money awarded.


Yahya A. emerged as the victor in the tournament.

Friday $2K Guaranteed Freezeout (Sept. 23)

Friday $4K Guaranteed Freezeout (Sept. 23)

The Friday Night Freezeout ended in a 12-way chop, with Evangeline Seet coming away with official first-place bragging right. Seet took home $808 for the win.


The other 11 players all earned $805. Those names included Darla Kashian, Rupinder Cheema, Lori Gansel, Jorge Fernandez, Praveen Patlolla, Lisa Nutt, Kimberly Hendry, Tim Gray, Amy Teykl, Zia Khosravi, David Cheuvront, and Rom Tkachenko.


The tournament drew 105 entries, nearly hitting a five-figure prize pool with a total of $9,870 awarded.Friday $4K Guaranteed Freezeout (Sept. 23)

Saturday $4K Guaranteed Bounty (Sept. 24)

The top three finishers in the Saturday Bounty agreed to an ICM chop at the end of the tournament.


Those players included Brendan Mahoney (1st – $1,830), Lang Anderson (2nd – $1,812) and Zane Lewis (3rd – $1,681).


The weekly Saturday event saw 87 entries register, for a final prize pool of $8,265.Saturday $4K Guaranteed Bounty (Sept. 24)

Sunday $1K Guaranteed Freezeout (Sept. 25)

The week’s final scheduled tournament drew 42 entries, creating a prize pool of $3,192.


The final three players agreed to a final table deal, with Brenda Hamill (1st – $986) taking the official winner’s title.


Michael Sawchuk (2nd – $769) and Bob Carl (3rd – $729) rounded out the top three.Sunday $1K Guaranteed Freezeout (Sept. 25)

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