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Who Won At The Lodge from Sept 26-Oct 2?


The latest week of tournament action at the Lodge saw several familiar places finishing in the money.


In addition to the usual pair of $15,000 guarantee events, the week of Sept. 26 through Oct. 2 included a couple of special tournaments. That pair of events included the $10K guaranteed Quarterly Big-O and the Austin Ladies Poker League event.


Here’s a look at the big winners from the past week at the Lodge:

Tuesday $15K Guaranteed Freeroll (Sept. 27)

The $15K Guaranteed Tuesday Freeroll finished with the final three players agreeing to a final table deal.


Michael S. took home first-place honors for $5,239.

Sept. 27 Tuesday $15k Freeroll

Sunday $15K Guaranteed Freezeout (Oct. 2)

The $15K Guaranteed Feezeout drew 106 entries, and the prize pool went well past the guarantee at $22,048.


Stephen Dees (1st – $5,170) ended up as the biggest winner from a five-way ICM deal at the final table.


Other players finishing in the top five included Jon Eric Mazursky (2nd – $3,080), Molly McHenney (3rd – $3,060), John Emmons (4th – $2,900) and Robert Levin (5th – $2,780).

October 2 $15K Freezeout

Monday $2K Guaranteed Bounty (September 26)

The week kicked off with the $2,000 guaranteed bounty, and that event ended in a five-way ICM chop.


John Gershkoff (1st – $676), Brendan Mahoney (2nd – $602), Handri Maksudi (3rd – $498), Gabriel Ramirez (4th – $472), and Keith Napoleon (5th – $443) took part in the deal among the final five players standing.


Four of those five names, minus Gershkoff, stuck around for the winner’s photo shoot.

Sept 26 $2K Bounty

Monday $3K Guaranteed Big-O (September 26)

Monday evening’s five-card tournament ended in a six-way deal, as the final six players standing in the $3k Guaranteed Big-O event agreed to an ICM chop.


Those names included Aaron Anders (1st – $1,388), Christopher Chamberlain (2nd – $1,384), Sandeep Vasudevan (3rd – $1,205), Eric Napoleon (4th – $1,164), Tim Gray (5th – $943), Terry Morris (6th – $943).

Wednesday $4K Guaranteed PLO Freeroll (September 28)

The “Largest Omaha Freeroll in Central Texas” saw a three-way chop to finish out the Sept. 28 edition.


Jonathan Dull (1st – $2,659), Marcus Bailey (2nd – $2,658), and Mao-Chi Sun (3rd – $2,000) all took away at least $2K after finishing in the top three.

Wednesday $4K Guaranteed PLO Freeroll (September 28)

Thursday $1K Guaranteed Over Stack (September 29)

Thursday’s edition of The Over Stack ended with all six players that finished in the money agreeing to an ICM deal.


That list of winners included John Cramer (1st – $690), Steve Ward (2nd – $546), Chris Chiasson (3rd – $441), Joseph Williams (4th – $395), Roger Pettit (5th – $380) and John Gershkoff (6th – $332).

Thursday $1K Guaranteed Over Stack (September 29)

Thursday $7,500 Guaranteed Freeroll aka “The Dirty Thirty” (September 29)

The Thursday $7.5K Guaranteed Freeroll saw the final three players remaining agree to a deal.


Selim Mahtab (1st – $2,177), Roger Hicks (2nd – $1,951), and Kenneth Glaser (3rd – $1,855) finished in the top three, and shared the spotlight in the winner’s photo.

Thursday $7,500 Guaranteed Freeroll aka “The Dirty Thirty” (September 29)

Friday $4K Guaranteed Freezeout (September 30)

The evening edition of the Sept. 30 Friday Freezeout tournaments on Sept. 30 drew 98 entries, with the prize pool finishing at $9,212.


The list of final table finishes included Robert Flores (1st – $1,515), Brody Denton (2nd – $1,415), Bill Cox (3rd – $1,199), James Spera (4th – $1,124), Sherri Frost (5th – $879), Nicholas Anderson (6th – $879), Ronald Watson (7th – $811), and David Miller (8th – $571).

Friday $4K Guaranteed Freezeout (September 30)

Austin Ladies Poker League Monthly Tournament (October 1)

The monthly Austin Ladies Poker League at the Lodge finished with Josefina Vargas (1st – $1,420) taking down the championship. Paula Zingelmann (2nd – $1,065) finished in the runner-up spot.


The event drew 73 entries, with the prize pool reaching $1,420.

Austin Ladies Poker League Monthly Tournament (October 1)

$10K Guaranteed Quarterly Big-O (October 1)

The Lodge’s quarterly Big-O event drew 94 entries and generated a $19,552 prize pool.


The event ended with the final four players agreeing to a chop. That list included Mahesh Rathi (1st – $3,890), Michael Greenly (2nd – $3,868), Sandeep Vasudevan (3rd – $3,861) and Stephen Weckesser (4th – $2,301).

$10K Guaranteed Quarterly Big-O (October 1)


Saturday $4K Guaranteed Bounty (Oct. 1)

The prize pool for Saturday evening’s bounty event went more than double the advertised guarantee of $4,000. A total of 88 entries registered for the tournament, pushing the total prize money to $8,360.


The final five players agreed to an ICM chop. Those players included Kamran Dargahi (1st – $1,593), Joy Meek (2nd – $1,585), Reddy Harshavardhan (3rd – $1,460), Danny Chi (4th – $1,239) and Julie Tumlinson (5th – $1,070).

Saturday $4K Guaranteed Bounty (Oct. 1)You can check out the schedule for upcoming tournaments at the Lodge here:

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