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The Seat Rental Fee Is Increasing By $1


The seat rental fee at The Lodge Card Club will be increasing from $10 an hour to $11 an hour starting on December 10th. This will not affect tournaments or special events that have flat access fees.


This post explains the reasons for the change. But before getting into those, I want to make an offer to all of our members.


You can lock-up as many hours as you want at the $10 rate until the change goes into effect. Just come into the club any day before December 10th and talk to the front desk about a bulk purchase.


If you’re a regular at The Lodge, I recommend considering that bulk purchase option. Now, let’s talk about why we’re doing this.


The social club first opened in February 2018. At that time, the seat rental fee was an industry standard of $10, and that fee had remained unchanged.


Since then, that standard has changed. We are one of the last major rooms that still has the $10 rate. Almost all of the rooms across the state charge between $12 and $13 an hour. It’s worth noting that, after adjusting for inflation, $10 dollars in February 2018 is worth approximately $12 today.


While we believe this to be a fair change in its own right, we have also invested in a long list of improvements this year, all to increase the quality of the experience for members of The Lodge.


Quality of Life and Game Play Upgrades

  • New felts
  • Higher quality playing cards (best ones yet are ordered and on the way!)
  • Brand new chips with sharper colors and logos
  • Increased and brand-new luxurious bathrooms (in the works and coming in 2023)
  • Rented out additional units in our location so players have more space and we can run larger tournaments
  • Added in a large number of tablets to more accurately/quickly let players play
  • More staff on hand



  • Bar with servers that can bring you food/drink
  • New caterer with more food options
  • Added bottled water as an option for beverages



  • Added additional safety deposit boxes (a bunch are still available)
  • Bank wires for players
  • Increased security



  • Brand new poker streaming setup (in the works and coming in 2023)
  • The creation of the Lodge Championship Series, the largest annual tournament series in Texas
  • Offering big guarantees and paying them out, no matter what


I look forward to seeing everyone at the club for our December series and on beyond.



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