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Pier is a poker player who originally hails from Rome, Italy. He is one of our high stakes regulars at the Lodge, and you can frequently find him battling it out for tens of thousands of dollars against the absolute best players in Texas. While he currently resides in Italy, he frequently visits the Lodge and other poker rooms in Texas to test his skills in the highest stakes cash games around! 


Whether it’s $25/$50 or $100/$200 and beyond, you can expect to see a smart, complete and aggressive strategy from Pier at the poker table. As you can see in his highlight videos below, he’s often willing to make absolutely savage moves to take down the pot!

Q&A With Pier

What Do You Enjoy Most About Playing Poker?

“I’d say the competitive aspect of playing poker.”


When Did You Know You Wanted To Play Poker as a Career?

“I guess I never really knew I wanted to, I just kept grinding and trying to get better.” 


What Are the Top 3 Poker Rooms You’ve Ever Played in? 

“My number one is the Lodge obviously, but the main poker rooms in Vegas are also great.”


What’s the Largest Pot You’ve Ever Won?

“I think it was here at the Lodge, it was definitely more than 6 figures.”


When Was the First Time You Were Exposed to Poker? 

“It was when I was a child, we played 5 card draw for fun. Then when the poker boom happened in the early 2000s, I started playing Sit’N’Gos with friends at my house.” 


What’s Your Favorite Meal?

“I’ve got to go with pasta!”


What’s Your Biggest Strength as a Poker Player?

“I have a lot of resilience. I just keep playing, even when it sucks”


What Would You Like to Say to All Your Fans in the Lodge Livestream Chat?

“Thanks for watching, and please support the chat!” 

Pier Highlights From The Lodge Card Club