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Tournament Guarantees Are Going Up At The Lodge Card Club!


The tournaments at The Lodge have been getting more players than ever…

…so it’s time to jack up the guarantees!

Here is what members have to look forward to starting this Saturday (March 19th):

  • The guarantees for The Art of Poker and The Big One Re-Entry are being increased by $10,000 each.
  • All tournaments at The Lodge will now have a guaranteed prize pool.
  • The Tuesday Freeroll, the PLO Freeroll, and the Friday Night Freezeout guarantees are being increased by a combined $9,500.

This table sums up all of the changes:

new lodge guarantees

Join Us For The First $40,000 Guaranteed Art of Poker Tournament This Saturday

These bigger guarantees go into effect this Saturday, March 19th, starting with The Art of Poker at 12:15PM.

the art of poker

Come compete for cash and prizes in our most popular $200 tournament! See details and structure sheet here.

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