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“Jwin” is a seasoned poker player from New York, USA, who made the move to The Lone Star State while attending school at the University of Texas. He can frequently be found playing the highest stakes tables at the Lodge, up to stakes of $25/$50 and beyond. His sharp and critical decision making during play make him a formidable foe in any line up!

Q&A With Jwin

Is there anything that really tilts you at the poker table?

“You know what, no matter how many hands you play, there will always be some hands that get you a little tilted. It’s always frustrating when you get 2 or 3 outered, but it happens. That’s the beauty of the game, everyone can win.”


You recently quit your job to play poker full time, was there a turning point that made you come to that decision?

“Yeah, I was playing semi-pro for about a year and a half, playing around 25 hours a week. It got to the point where it made sense for me, and my wife asked me if I felt I was ready to go full-time. She told me if I could make a certain amount in 6 months, I could quit my job, and I did it! Ever since then I’ve been playing full time.


What was the first car you ever had?

“A 1996 Toyota Corolla! I called it the Corolla Cobra. I don’t miss it!”


What is your favorite movie? 

“This is a hard one. My all time favorite movie is probably one of the first couple Iron Man movies. Action, comedy, great effects.. What more can you want?”


What is the largest pot you ever won?

“It was probably around $50k or $60k, something like that.”


If you could go back 15 years to talk to your younger self, what would you say?

“I would tell him to keep working hard, failure is part of the process, and if you keep putting in the work everything will be alright, man. Just try and enjoy the moment!”

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