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Fall Millionaire Mayhem Series Tournament Results (Full List)


The latest chapter of the Millionaire Mayhem Series at the Lodge promised more than $1.5 million in guaranteed prize money across 12 tournaments. The two-week series far surpassed those guarantees, with the series Main Event alone going over the $1.5 million mark.


That Fall Mayhem Series Main Event sent three players home with six-figure paydays. The $500,000 guarantee in the Monthly Monster was far surpassed as well, as both the Main Event and the Monthly Monster drew more than 1,400 entries.


The eventual Main Event champion, Jonah Labranche, took home a winner’s prize of $227,561.


The two-week series, which ran Sept. 6-19, awarded total combined prize money of more than $2.8 million. All 12 tournaments eclipsed the guaranteed prize pools.


Here’s a look at the winners from the Lodge Millionaire Mayhem Fall Series (all events No-Limit Hold’em unless otherwise specified).

Event #1: $200 Seniors

The Millionaire Mayhem Fall Series kicked off with the $200 Seniors NLH event. The one-day tournament went well past the $10,000 guarantee, with 164 entries and a $26,896 prize pool.


Ronald Farr came out victorious over the field of his fellow 50+ competitors. Farr cashed in for $7,719 in the victory.

Fall Mayhem Seniors Event Winner

Event #2: $300 Pot-Limit Omaha

The opening day of Fall Mayhem also featured a PLO event, which awarded a five-figure prize to the winner.


Chris Zollo won his way to that payday, scoring $10,536 after topping all comers in the four-card game. Zollo also took home the coveted egg-shaped trophy for his PLO win.


The $300 PLO nearly tripped the $15,000 guarantee, with 166 entries and a $41,832 prize pool. 

Fall Mayhem PLO Event Winner

Tuesday Night Freeroll – Mayhem Edition $30,000 Guaranteed 

The trio of handsome gentlemen pictured below each went home with a handsome payday after agreeing to a three-way deal at the end of the Tuesday Night Mayhem Edition Freeroll.


Tuesday night’s action bled into the early hours of Wednesday morning before the final three players standing agreed to the chop. Alessandro Bertoncini ($9,063), Michael Fizeseri ($7,000), and Tomas Mora ($6,000) stood at the end as the final three. 

Fall Mayhem Tuesday Night Freeroll Winner

Event #3: $600 Monthly Monster $500,000 Guaranteed 

One of two events with massive guarantees in the Fall Mayhem Series, the $600 Monthly Monster promised a $500,000 prize pool.


The actual final prize money shattered that mark, however. A total of 1,461 entries registered for the Monthly Monster, pushing the final prize pool to $741,890.


The final six players remaining in the event agreed to a deal, which divided more than $360,000 in prize money among the six. Javan Nevels took home the Monthly Monster trophy and $78,044 per the terms of the deal.


Also finishing in the top six were  Robert Provine ($74,077), Chad Rhoten ($67,648)James Sunwoo ($41,160), Yao Yin ($47,692) and Dexter Baier ($42,134). 

Fall Mayhem Monthly Monster Winner

Event #4: $300 Big O 

The second of two Omaha events in the series, the $300 Big O ended in a four-way chop.


Jeffrey Hood took home the tournament trophy, cashing in for $5,715 in the process. Other top-four finishers included Sandeep Vasudevan ($5,715), Anthony Owens ($5,715), and Benjamin Perez ($5,714).

Fall Mayhem Big O Winner

Event #5: $500 Six Max 

Jonathan Dull continued his trend of finishing in the winner’s photo in tournaments at the Lodge. Dull posted his third career victory at the Lodge, taking down the $500 Six Max event.


Dull’s resume at the Lodge now includes two Six Max wins and a Monthly Monster trophy. Dull’s most recent win came after a three-way chop. Dull took home $10,200, while Samuel Brown and Faisal Siddiqui both earned $10,722.


The $20,000 guaranteed tournament drew 123 entries, with the actual final prize pool ending up at $52,275. 

Fall Mayhem 6-Max Winner

Event #6: $250 Art of Poker Mayhem Edition ($13,265)

The Lodge’s monthly Art of Poker event bumped up the guarantee from the usual $40,000 up to $50,000 for the special Fall Mayhem edition of the tournament.


The $250 buy-in event ended in a three-way chop, with Thuy Nguyen ($13,265) taking home the biggest share of the prize pool. Ian Jones ($12,486) and Jeremy Meacham ($11,473) also took home five-figure paydays, and both appear in the winner’s photo below.


The tournament awarded $80,912 in total prize money, with 389 entries.

Fall Mayhem Art of Poker Winner

Event #7: $200 2x Green Chip Bounty 

Lang Anderson is a dealer at the Lodge by day, and he’s now also a Lodge poker tournament champion. Anderson took home the Event #7 trophy and $4,072 per the terms of a deal among the final three players.


That trio also included Thach Vo ($4,047) and Evangeline Seet ($3,861). 

Fall Mayhem 2x Green Chip Bounty Winner

Event #8: $300 Freezeout

The $300 Freezeout ended with Donald Parkin taking home the Event #8 trophy. Parkin took home $5,706 for the win, taking the win over a field of 116 entries.


Parkin also claimed a spot in the winner’s photo and the aesthetically-pleasing Event #8 trophy. 

$300 Freezeout Winner

Event #9: $1,200 Main Event $1 Million Guaranteed ($227,561)

The centerpiece event for the Millionaire Mayhem Fall Series guaranteed a $1 million prize pool, but the actual final prize money went far beyond that mark.


A total of $1,476 entries vaulted the final prize pool to $1,576,530, smashing the guarantee. Both of the final two combatants took home at least $200,000.


Anthony Roviso and Jonah Labranche came to an agreement at the final table, each taking home $200,000. Roviso and Labranche agreed to finish out the heads-up match for the final $27,561 in the prize pool.


Labranche finished that battle as the winner, taking home a total of $227,561. Roviso settled for $200,000, while third-place finisher Kareem Marshall ($122,969) also went home with a six-figure payday.

Fall Mayhem Main Event Winner

Event #10: $500 50 for 50 ($13,824)

The $500 buy-in 50 for 50 event promised a $50,000 prize pool, and the eventual winner took home a five-figure first prize.


Jason E. emerged victorious in Event #10, taking home $13,824. The 50 for 50 finished with 210 entries creating an $89,250 prize pool.

Fall Mayhem 50 for 50 Winner

Event #11: $200 Freezeout 

The penultimate event in the Fall Mayhem series played out as the second of two freezeouts on the schedule.


Houston resident Genc. G came away with the Event #11 trophy, pocketing $5,199 in the process. 

Fall Mayhem $200 Freezeout Winner

Event #12: $200 Turbo ($4,478)

The Millionaire Mayhem Fall Series concluded with the $200 Turbo as the 12th and final event. For the second time in the series, a championship trophy and payday went to a Lodge dealer.


Card-slinger Clayton B proved a worthy competitor on the other side of the table, taking down Event #12 for a $4,478 payday.

Fall Mayhem $200 Turbo Winner

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