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“Efan” is one of the most popular players on the Lodge Live show, mainly due to his aggressive and dominating style of play at the poker table.

He was born in China originally, but now resides in Texas where he regularly plays at his favorite poker rooms, The Lodge Card Club and Texas Card House.

He can regularly be found at high stakes cash game tables around Texas, playing everything from $5/$10 to $25/$50 and beyond. One of his biggest rivals at our high stakes tables is Big Daddy Chaz, and they tend to wind up playing big pots together!

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Q&A with Efan

What’s the Biggest Cause of Tilt for You?

“When someone slowrolls me after sucking out!”

What’s the Largest Pot  You’ve Ever Won?

“More than $60k.”

What’s Your Favorite Movie?

“I don’t wanna give a Chinese movie no one knows, so I can’t answer.”

What Are Your Top 2 Favorite Poker Rooms?

“The Lodge is my favorite, then after that probably Texas Card House.”

What Does Your Lodge Poker Nickname Mean?

“My Lodge stream name is “Efan.” E is my English name, then I added fan because I’m a big fan of poker!”

Efan’s Highlights from The Lodge Card Club