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Caitlin Comesky

Caitlin Comesky

Caitlin Comesky is a poker player and Youtube Vlogger who is often seen playing on stream at the Lodge. She resides in Texas and can regularly be found at high stakes poker tables, competing against some of the best poker players in the country!


She can mainly be found battling it out at our $5/$10 tables and higher, and her bubbly and fun personality always adds an element of entertainment and excitement at the table.

Q&A With Caitlin

What’s Your Favorite Movie?

“That’s a fun question. I’m sort of a basic millennial woman in that I love Wes Anderson, so I’m a big fan of The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom, Life Aquatic, et cetera. I’m also a big fan of all those buddy comedies of the Y2K era, and actually I think Happy Gilmore might be my favorite of all time.”


What’s the Largest Pot You’ve Won?

“The largest pot I’ve ever won wasn’t at the Lodge, but I think it was around $15,000.”


What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

“Girl, he’s gonna leave you six months before the wedding, say no to his proposal!”


What’s Your Biggest Strength as a Poker Player?

“My ability to fail and still come back the next day. I’ve been doing these streams since before I felt comfortable, and I still don’t feel comfortable most of the time at the table. However, I’m always willing to fail and embarrass myself, because I want to get better!” 


What Was the First Job You Ever Had?

“I worked at Jamba Juice as a shift lead. Just spankin’ blenders all day, it was alright!” 

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